Donegal Merino Sweater

Target Price: $125
We're starting the process of developing a sweater that combines a few of our favorite things: flecked donegal yarn in earthy colors, soft merino wool, and a chunky knit that makes the cold months more bearable. We use a 2-ply yarn to create a hefty sweater, while the Australian merino wool provides a soft hand. It’s a classic style that’s easy to wear, but made a bit more interesting through the variegated colors that Irish donegal yarn is known for.


A described below, we want to make these sweaters ‘full-fashioned" which is the traditional method. There aren’t many factories left that will product sweaters in this way, so we are still deciding on which one will give us the best product for the best price. 


• Crewneck sweater
• Ribbed collar, cuffs, and hem
• Seamless construction
• 100% merino wool
• 2-ply donegal yarn from Ireland
• Yarn is washed for additional softness
• Chunky, heavy knit

Interest Check Details

We are currently starting the development of this product an want to gather feedback and gauge interest. Sign up to be notified on the design progress of the Donegal Merino Sweater and to be alerted when it becomes available for pre-order. If you have any thoughts on the design, we’d love to hear it - send us an email or chat to get started.

Expected Launch Date: Q2 2019


Our goal is to design the sweater to fit true-to-size, and offer a moderately slim fit that isn’t too long in the body. 


We have identified a 100% merino wool that is sourced from Australia, where the most prized herds of merino sheep live their lives. The wool is then sent to Ireland, where a decades-old mill turns them into the mottled yarn that the region has become known for. We use 2-ply yarn to reduce twisting in the weaving process and to create a hefty, chunky knit that will quickly become a cozy companion. 


Our goal is to make these sweaters ‘full-fashioned,’ meaning that they are knitted in one continuous piece which results in a seamless garment. While most knitwear is made from cut panels that are sewn together, ours are made in the traditional method.