Chino (What is a Chino?)

Definition of a Chino

Chinos are trousers made of cotton twill (a specific type of weave), and have their roots in the British Army. Specifically what makes a Chino a Chino is:

  • The use of Chino cloth, a twill weave fabric made traditionally with 100% cotton (some cotton synthetic blends may be used) is what makes a Chino a Chino.
    • Most classifications of trousers are based on the material used (e.g. denim, a type of fabric, defines jeans, a type of trouser) and Chinos are no different.
    • If a pair of trousers uses a twill weave Chino fabric, it's a Chino
    • Most Chinos use a medium weight twill between 7oz and 9oz

Chinos are a very useful piece of clothing because they are incredibly versatile - unlike many types of pants, they can be worn with professional and casual clothing easily. 

Are Chinos Different From Khakis?

Both words are often used interchangeably, but technically speaking, khaki is just a color - a color that is commonly associated with chinos. It is a common misconception that Khakis are different from Chinos or represent a specific subset of Chinos based on design differences.